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Do Muscles Really Have a Memory?

Smart Muscles in Sports The term muscle memory has been around a long time.  I usually hear it in relation to a sport, such as a golf swing.  You practice over-and-over, thinking about the mechanics each time.  There are many check-points:...

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Deeply Held Beliefs May Dumb Us Down

Say What? I admit the title of this post is provocative, but it's true - at least part of the time.  And it could prevent you from seeing the obvious. I'm not exactly sure where this field of study lies, perhaps social psychology.  It relates to topics such as the...

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Brainstorming’s Epic Fail

People, We Have a Problem The term "brainstorming" has become generic and is being applied to almost any form of individual or group creative thinking.  But there is still a lot of Classic brainstorming in the workplace, and that is the focus of my rant. The concept...

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Why Another Blog?

Blogs Gone Wild With over 200 million blog sites in existence, why does the world need another one?  Maybe the world doesn't need one, but I do. I recently read an author’s comment on journaling, which could be considered an earlier form of the blog.  The reason...

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