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Why should you waste your time reading this blog?  What is the focus: hobbies, business, work, leisure or self improvement?  What does “Reboot” imply?


Using the PC metaphor, dump all the old stuff that’s stuck in memory but not serving any purpose; install some new stuff and get better performance and results.


I’m talking about almost any topic that crosses my path that’s important and needs to be shared with the world.  If that’s not the most subjective and indefensible logic you can imagine, then I’m not working hard enough.

Entrepreneurs may find the topics particularly interesting.  But I think there is a little entrepreneurship in all of us, whether or not that is our full time gig or not. Hopefully your time spent reading this blog will not be a waste and might actually be useful.  For more insight, read Why Another Blog.

About Ed

Ed co-founded IDEATIVE, where he is named as co-inventor on seven patents for innovative consumer products and served as the head of operations.  Ed previously worked for Nortel Networks, Rockwell International and others.  During his career he has gained experience as an entrepreneur, business executive, IT manager, technical writer, engineer, photo lab technician, printing pressman, machine tool operator and floor sweeper.  Ed’s new book is in the formative stages and the topic will be totally arbitrary – or not.