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Time for a Good Snooze

But not in the middle of the day!  This is not the post I planned, but it requires addressing.  Last week I talked about getting into nootropics in a small way, but not really conducting in-depth research.  I decided to tweak my serotonin levels with 5-HTP, L-Theanine and ultimately some Tryptophan.   By the end of the the week, my brain was in a fog and I couldn’t focus; sleep beckoned.

Wake Up

Fortunately I was able to think clearly enough to realize something was amiss, and I recalled the tweaking of my supplements.  I think the Tryptophan tipped the balance.  I must have forgotten that old episode of Seinfield.  I immediately removed it from my stack and decided some additional research is warranted.  These things absolutely have an effect, good or bad.  Any doubt in that area was removed.


I met someone on-line in one of my private FB groups that has extensive experience and practice in these areas.  He recommended a book, The Mood Cure.  It contains self diagnostic tools and has diet and supplement guidelines.

What’s Next

My next steps will be taken more carefully with a lot more knowledge.   I’ll follow-up in a few weeks with the results.

Image by BalRutilant; License CC2.0

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